Movie date

I will kick off the ‘blog restart’ by stealing some text S wrote about our night at the movies.

Michelle and I went to the movies last night. The theatre is in a casino/hotel complex on the other side of town. It also has a large grocery store, coffee shop, pizza restaurant, another casual restaurant, a fancy restaurant, a bar, a disco, …. and a multi-plex cinema – all air conditioned. We chose the movie “August” – in English with Spanish subtitles — an intense movie about conflict among family members that get together for a funeral in Oklahoma: Meryl Streep, Julia Roberts, Christ Cooper, Sam Shepard, and others. Lots of great acting, and a great script.

The movie was in the “Gold Theatre.” Huge leather seats with motor-driven back recline and foot elevation. In maximum ‘comfort’ mode, your legs are essentially horizontal.

The seats are arranged in pairs, with each pair well-spaced from other pairs. When you buy your ticket for the show, you get assigned seats, to which you are ushered when you enter the theatre.

You can choose to eat and/or drink before (or after the show) in a lounge off of the lobby.

Or, you can eat in the theatre.

The outer arms of each pair of seats have a cup holder and a horizontal plate glass table that pivots out of the way or across your lap. Food and beverages ARE SERVED during the movie. You can order from the menu when you are seated. Or, you can do as we did: order & pay at the time we bought our ticket before the show. Empanadas, accompanied by wine (I chose a local chardonnay) – I declined the offer of a second glass but Michelle accepted; lemon tart and chocolate mousse for dessert; then a cup of espresso. The food was delivered — by a cute waiter in navy blue uniform and a navy-and-white striped apron — in courses during the movie.

Cost for two people of movie + food & beverages aforementioned = $65. What a great experience! We will go again.

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