This was good

But this is way more photogenic

Oh my. Very happy to be in Buenos Aires. Finally, stuff worth taking the lens cap off. Four days on my own in one of the most wonderful cities in the world. Yes, it means being alert and cautious, but it is also a sweet experience. People are kind, especially salt-and pepper haired, well-bellied men who tactfully help with directions on the subway. Part chivalry, part looking after one of their own tribe.

So nice to be taking photos again. That was a long dry spell.

Where we’ve landed

Asado at Hans’

Nitty and gritty. And hot.

A Tale Of A Good Lunch

Movie date

S buys an ice cream

Sunday evening walk about

Journeying in place

La Virgen de Lourdes

Corner deli

Re: French chef controversy


Visiting Laura’s dad in Portrerillos

This was good

An alternate ending