A Tale Of A Good Lunch

The beautiful city of Mendoza is only 40 or so minutes a way by bus. S has been a couple of times. This was my first venture since 2010.

The fourth largest city in Argentina and the launching off point for tourism adventures for outdoor enthusiasts with an eye on Mount Aconcagua and oenophiles with a taste for Malbec, Mendoza has plenty to delight the traveling food enthusiast.

We plan to go every couple of weeks. Stay tuned for images of an upcoming walking tour of the city’s many public gardens.

Where we’ve landed

Asado at Hans’

Nitty and gritty. And hot.

A Tale Of A Good Lunch

Movie date

S buys an ice cream

Sunday evening walk about

Journeying in place

La Virgen de Lourdes

Corner deli

Re: French chef controversy


Visiting Laura’s dad in Portrerillos

This was good

An alternate ending