Nitty and gritty. And hot.

One of the things we liked best about this area when we visited in 2010 was the absence of bugs. Well, that was 2010. This year features one of the worst outbreaks of mosquitos in local memory. Not only that, the property we are staying on features 93 species of trees, lovingly tended and watered in the local custom of flooding the land with large, shallow, and–you got it–standing pools of water. What with the heat, it’s mosquito breeding heaven.

Where we’ve landed

Asado at Hans’

Nitty and gritty. And hot.

A Tale Of A Good Lunch

Movie date

S buys an ice cream

Sunday evening walk about

Journeying in place

La Virgen de Lourdes

Corner deli

Re: French chef controversy


Visiting Laura’s dad in Portrerillos

This was good

An alternate ending