An alternate ending

I’m writing this in the Santiago airport. I have an hour until the first segment of the journey home. S is already in Vancouver.

Some of you know already our trip ended in disappointment. We didn’t know we needed a visa, with photo, and six months on our passport’s to get into Brazil. We were turned away at the airport. No beach play for us.

An unexpected trip, overall. After experiencing two trips that produced enough material for two,photo books, this was a bit of a bloggers dud. Ironic, as I expected neither of the other trips to amount to much, but for this one did a lot of work setting up a website, etc.

I have spent the last week with my friend Ana, benefitting greatly from her affectionate attentions. It was perfect, really. A week of Spanish immersion after three months of study. I speak coarsely and Ana needs to correct my conjugations constantly, but I was able to carry on a conversation all the way to the airport without resorting to the dictionary once.

I will spend a few days with friends in Vancouver on re entry and will be home before my birthday on the 19th. (How’s that for an unabashed call for attention.

I am keen to be home. And to see you.

Much love,

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