Column Church

I’ve been mulling for days how to handle the rock church postings. Much of the same thing I shot is here and shown with more attention and skill. While it was meaningful to me to see how frescos were handled during the iconoclast periods and afterwards as they made sense for me of the living out of the decisions of Nicean and other ecumenical councils, let’s face it– you kinda had to be there. And give a care to begin with. And yet those spaces, like all spaces sprung from architectural artistry and feats of engineering, are liminal, opening the possibility to e experience the intersection of imagination and natural law, the very stuff of religious experience. And so I include only those images that capture the clearest representation of that experience. Our visit to the column church, the single example where the carved columns were fully embraced by negative space rather than merely carved as relief representations within a still intact wall of rock. And on the matter of churches, I’ll leave it at that.


We begin with Sufis

Seeing past the jilbab

Hagia Sophia

And then a man tried to sell us a carpet

Passing remark

S gets a shoe shine

Outside the mosque, inside the mosque

Blue Mosque


Street food

Sneaking snaps in Istanbul

Next up: Iznik

After a day of Nicean ruins…

Buying and making tile

Bath day for S

Life in the small Muslim town of Iznik

Hagia Sophia, Iznik

Hookah lesson

At the market

Turkish National Poem

A parade

Random nature snaps

Gozleme making

The usual suspects



Muslim women

Surprise visit

The music makers

Hat or head scarf?


Landscape I

Landscape II

Landscape III

Landscape IV

Landscape V

Column Church



Parting remarks