Landscape I

I normally don’t post landscapes. Photographing landscapes is something only the pros do well. But I’m a storyteller and even a general sense of the landscape here is essential to the story I want to unfold over the next few posts.
The land here is tuff, the compressed ash of multiple volcanic eruptions shaped by wind and a winding river over eons.
If you’ve read this far you’re a dear and treasured friend.


We begin with Sufis

Seeing past the jilbab

Hagia Sophia

And then a man tried to sell us a carpet

Passing remark

S gets a shoe shine

Outside the mosque, inside the mosque

Blue Mosque


Street food

Sneaking snaps in Istanbul

Next up: Iznik

After a day of Nicean ruins…

Buying and making tile

Bath day for S

Life in the small Muslim town of Iznik

Hagia Sophia, Iznik

Hookah lesson

At the market

Turkish National Poem

A parade

Random nature snaps

Gozleme making

The usual suspects



Muslim women

Surprise visit

The music makers

Hat or head scarf?


Landscape I

Landscape II

Landscape III

Landscape IV

Landscape V

Column Church



Parting remarks