Finally, my eyes are no longer clamped shut. Olive Street to Rancagua hotel reception desk: 28 hours. Much napping this first day.
We are thrilled to be here. I can’t decide which makes me happier, the fact it is cherry season or the fact it is too hot to wear socks.
Our biggest experience thus far has been the bus trip to Rancagua. The system is impressively efficient. Rancagua is about an hour south of Santiago and the buses leave, full, every 10 minutes. A young man wearing a tie with the company logo acted as conductor. He managed the crowd by both taking tickets from boarding passengers and advising individual riders of upcoming stops. According to the scrolling LED display at the front of the bus, we were traveling just under 100 km an hour, the driver’s name was Fernando Avalos, and the outside temperature was 36 degrees. We were the only passengers on our side of the bus with the curtains parted to see out the window.
It is too early in the trip for anything else to have happened. I post this only as being the Facebook ditz that I am I had no idea creating a “group” would constitute news. Figured I ought to do something to warrant the lovely attention! I look forward to keeping in touch in this way.
Much love to all. M


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